If you are looking for a total office telephone solution in Polk County, CDN Partners has what you need. Using the latest technology from Vertical Networks, Teltronics, Comdial, Cisco, and other leading communications brands CDN Partners can get you on the phone. Whether you need a classic analog or digital solution, a pure voice over IP (VoIP) solution, or a hybrid solution using the best of both worlds, we can install a solution that fits your budget and even save on communications costs.

Vertical Networks Phone Systems VOIP

Example 1

A large medical firm in Lakeland, FL with six offices spread across Polk and Hillsborough counties needed to connect all of their offices together to increase productivity and lower communications costs. Using a digital / VoIP hybrid communications platform, CDN Partners was able to install a single phone system in the customer’s main office that controls the digital phone extensions at the main location and the VoIP extensions at the remote locations using their existing internet and VPN connections at each office. This configuration allowed the customer to retire the phone systems and cancel several T1 circuits and telephone lines at each location that were being used to provide communications between offices. The cost savings between the reduced phone system maintenance and the decreased communications cost helped the customer realize a return of investment in less than one year.

Vertical Networks Phone Systems VOIP

Example 2

A distribution company with offices in Eaton Park, FL and Sebring, FL had a desire to save long distance costs when calling between offices or between Polk and Highlands counties. Using a separate phone system at each location, CDN Partners tied them together using VoIP trunks over their existing internet VPN. Both systems have their own phone lines attached so that when an extension in Sebring calls a Lakeland or Tampa phone number the system uses least cost routing to use a phone line in Eaton Park to make that call, saving on long distance charges. Both systems integrate fully to appear and manage as a single phone system.