Fingerprint Security

Finger Print Security

Strong Security Made Simple, Affordable

Strong authentication instead of the unsecure, expensive passwords
Passwords are not secure: more than 60% of business managers share passwords with others. They are also expensive: Help Desk password resets cost more than $18 per call. Strong authentication with fingerprints or other credentials enhances security and eliminates the need for users to remember passwords.

Single sign-on to Enterprise applications

DigitalPersona Pro can simplify user logon to Enterprise applications, including traditional Windows applications, Web apps, Terminals, and Citrix or similar software thin client solutions. No changes to those applications are required and setup takes only few minutes per application.

Fingerprint and multi-factor authentication

Further enhance security by requiring users to log on to the PC or to Enterprise applications using fingerprints in place of passwords or with a combination of password, fingerprint and smartcards. Using alternative authentication methods can also help you keep support costs under control by eliminating the costs typically associated with passwords..

Access recovery

Always stay in full control and avoid productivity and data losses with emergency access recovery. Now IT Managers can provide users with one-time access codes to unlock computers remotely, even when protected with BIOS-level security or full disk encryption. It does not require any network connectivity.