CDN’s Anti-Spam Solution

CDN now offers a Hosted Anti-Spam Solution powered by Securence

Hosted Securence Anti-Spam and pioneers of signature-based spam detection, SecurenceMail is the anti-spam solution of choice. Our email security service has earned a solid reputation for its overall effectiveness and accuracy while being low cost and low maintenance. SecurenceMail has processed billions of messages; provides real-time protection from the latest threats with 24-hour monitoring; empowers email infrastructure redundancy, is the lowest priced enterprise solution with the lowest number of false positive returns; a no-brainer solution that is compatible with any email system, and mail is processed within highly secure N+1 redundant data centers.

Complete Protection to Eliminate Threats

» Scans all incoming and outgoing email to eliminate threats before reaching end users, including viruses, worms, malicious file attachments and other junk mail.

» SecurenceMail has processed billions of messages and provides real-time protection from these latest threats through cutting-edge filtering technology and message analysis with 99% effectiveness, which is monitored by 24/7 technical support and highly responsive customer service.

Empowers Email Infrastructure Redundancy

» In case a mail server or Internet connection fails, SecurenceMail will queue incoming and outgoing mail for 7 days with a debug message queue interface enabling all mail in queue to be delivered once the environment is operational.

Lowest # of False Positive Returns

» Because SecurenceMail has the largest utilization of signature-based detection on the market and only uses proven capture technology (e.g., no point values), we have the lowest false positive returns in the industry.

An Enterprise Solution to Fit Your Budget

» In addition to having all the bells and whistles, and utilizing the industry’s top performing anti-spam technology, SecurenceMail is the lowest priced enterprise solution available.

» Additional savings come from reduced bandwidth usage, low IT administration, and no end user involvement required to managing their spam.


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