CDN has partnered with some of the industry’s leading security vendors to bring our clients the very best technology on the market today. CDN can help with securing your Internet connection using the latest firewalls with built-in intrusion detection software.

Sophos Astaro Unified Threat Management UTM ApplianceUsing products from vendors such as Cisco, Sophos and Barracuda Networks, we can ensure that we find the right product to fit your needs and budget. CDN can also offer physical access security to workstations and laptops using a fingerprint identity solution from Digital Persona or RSA token based security.Finger Print Security

Fingerprint security eliminates the need to users to remember complicated network passwords set by the network admins. RSA token based security use two factor authentication to validate users. Something they know; they’re assigned password and something they have; each user would have a personal RSA token that generates a new pin code every 60 seconds. These security measures give business owners and network admins a little piece of mind that their systems are protected from unauthorized access.