Leaders in Technology

Networking SpecialistCDN is experienced in all aspects of Local Area Network & Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN) design, installation, configuration and analysis. Whether you have a 5 user network at a single location or a 500 user network spread throughout the United States, we can provide you with a solution that will be cost effective and reliable.

CDN is a Microsoft Certified Provider, a Novell Gold Partner, and a member of the Citrix Solutions Network. CDN provides support that ranges from the desktop to the entire business enterprise network.

Our engineers are experienced with most major router manufacturers including Cisco, Nortel, Ascend and 3Com. If you’re in need of system configuration changes, network tuning or connectivity to a new site our engineers can come up with a plan that will satisfy your requirements

Whatever your networking needs are, CDN can provide an efficient and reliable solution for your business.

For more than a decade, CDN’s Outsourcing Services have helped business improve productivity, manage costs and assets, improve customer service and capitalize on market changes. As a leader in services and support, we understand the issues, the vendors, the products and the challenges businesses face. You benefit from the knowledge we’ve gained through building and managing networks and systems for hundreds of customers in a variety of industries.

What is Outsourcing

Outsourced IT Work PlaceOutsourcing takes place when a organization transfers the ownership of the IT process to CDN. The key to this definition is the aspect of transfer of control. This definition differentiates outsourcing from our regular business relationships in which the client retains control of the process or in other words, tells CDN how to do the work. It is the transfer of ownership that defines outsourcing. In outsourcing, the client does not instruct CDN how to perform its task but instead focuses on communicating what results it wants and leaves the process of accomplishing those result to CDN.