Virtualized Networks

Server virtualization is nothing new.  VMware has been virtualizing network for many years.  Here at CDN we dabbled in virtualization and use it for production servers in our main office.  However, we’ve never found in virtualization to be a practical solution for our clients.  Hardware, Licensing, Storage, Backups, Recovery, etc… were just too expensive to fit until a small to medium businesses budget.  Over the years, more and more companies have joined the virtualization market.  This competition has really pushed the virtualization vendors to make their solutions more affordable for all business types.  And with the competition for Virtual Machine backups on the rise these companies have also taken a more aggressive approach to pushing their products into the mainstream small to medium business environments.

At CDN, we’ve been weighing the options, testing each solution and working on a way to make virtualization available for all of our clients.  We wanted to be 100% sure that before we started to deploy virtualized networks, that we could provide a complete package.  With that said CDN will now officially support Virtualized Networks and start to recommend them over traditional network setups.  With our current offering of products, we can offer virtualized networks that can be fully restored in a matter of hours in the event of a complete disaster or hardware failure rather than days.

If system uptime and data recovery is a high priority for your business, please give CDN a call to discuss our virtualized network options and how they would fit into your business.